Infographic Design for Cookies

Waitz Cookies

We just received the cutest cookies from our client, Chad Galts at MIT. The treats were made in honor of the School of Engineering Dean, Ian Waitz, who is moving on to a new role as Vice Chancellor. Opus worked with Chad and Ian to create infographics for reports, presentations and for the last few years, the Dean’s newsletter called “Building One.” One infographic illustration was chosen for the cookie.

Infographic Design

Over the years we’ve done some interesting graphics for the dean’s newsletter. Each time, Chad and I will look at the data and consider what is interesting and figure out an insight that we can pull out of the data. Sometimes the ideas are fun and more about making the graphic memorable or eye-catching. But we always try to make the ideas clear and concise. Topics include:

  • surviving innovation
  • nuclear science research,
  • and incoming freshman.

The latest was all about Ian and the fun and cool stuff he has accomplished during his tenure as Dean. When I asked Casey McGee to work on the design, I had no idea how well she’d capture his likeness. I think that anyone who knows him would recognize him in this graphic immediately!

original infographic for Dean Waitz

We always tell our clients to feel free to repurpose our graphics and use them in other applications and media. This is the sweetest. Thanks Chad!cookie version of infographic