Google Doodles design

Over the nice long holiday break we asked our team to do a fun design stretch exercise. Just like last summer, when we all did fantasy logos, this was an opportunity to do something creative that isn’t a logo, brochure, website or presentation for a client.  The assignment was to learn Adobe Edge (thank you and design a fantastic Google Doodle.  The ideas were awesome so we’ve submitted them to Google and display them here for you now.

It was actually Emily who shared that some day she would like to do a Google Doodle so her’s is first. She decided to celebrate the birthday of Mary Norton, Author of The BorrowersIt would be her 112th birthday on December 10th, 2015. I remember reading this series when I was little.


Ellery’s doodle honors Sergey Malyutin, the man credited with designing and painting the first Russian matryoshka doll (carved by craftsmanVasily Zvyozdochkin) in 1890. He was born on October 4, 1859. So cute!



Casey chose a decadent holiday, National Doughnut Day, which is the first Friday of every month, I mean June. This year it will fall on June 5th.

Julia also celebrated a summer holiday, National Watermelon Day which is August 3rd and has far fewer calories.


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