Website design for German International School Boston

The client

The German International School Boston (GISB) asked Opus to design their website, after we redesigned their logo.  The German School, located in Boston, serves children preschool through 12th grade.  While they like students to begin their education with them, they also recruit middle school and high school students.

The project

GISB asked Opus to design a website that would appeal to families looking for a German school experience for their child/children.  A website that would not only provide the academic information but also feature a German section, a community section and all the opportunities a preK-12 school has to offer.   They know that schools provide not only an education but a community for their students and families.

Design challenge and approach

Designer, Ellery Curran, designed a website with a focus of visualizing the value of community through their family, student and teacher experiences. A custom page layout was created to bring together testimonials, fun facts and lots of photos. On the student page, kids share what they want to be, hobbies and a quote among other things.  Some of what the teachers share is the best part of their job, hobbies and how long they have worked at GISB.

For this project we worked with Kalman Zabarsky on a photoshoot. It was clear right from the start that photos would be a key element in telling GISB’s story visually. The result was great. Kal took amazing pictures of students in the classrooms engaged with beakers, crazy moves in the karate after school programs, as well as paint-smeared faces in their kindergarten class.

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