Fantasy Logo Design

Over the past month, Opus Design has created logos for a heavy metal band, a fast-food restaurant, a chick flick and a lipgloss for tweens. How can a design studio with a focus on higher ed do such a variety of logos and WHY?

Designing this mix-match of logos was a stretch exercise to explore the motifs and conventions of different industries. Once a designer has a focus or specialty in terms of clientele, it’s not as easy to reach beyond conventions (or what is typically considered appropriate). Opus brainstormed a bunch of random companies and products. Then we selected the ones that provided a good variety for the audience  and industry. One by one we picked them out of a paper bag and went at it. Research the common motifs and create a typical logo for tequila, a craft beer, a coffee shop in Portland, etc.

It was interesting to see how just a few style elements can signal something aimed at young girls or sports fans.  And there is something that designers can learn from using neon, hand-drawn shapes, period fonts, and other elements we don’t use every day. It was a fantasy logo design experience, and super fun to see what others did with their companies. Here they are, hope you enjoy!

Opi Logo Design
sports team (rip opi)


tequila opus design


fast food logo design
fast food restaurant


coffeeshop logo design
portland coffee shop


craft beer logo design
craft beer


heavy metal logo design
heavy metal band


tween logo design
lipgloss for tweens


chic click logo design
chick flick


rec-drug logo design
recreational drug