Designer profile: Lily Robles

Lily Robles portraitGet to know our design team, here is Lily our creative director! She has many years of experience developing marketing materials like brochures, presentations and reports. Her specialty is developing infographics.

When did you realize you wanted to become a graphic designer and why?
I was always a creative kid growing up with music, art and writing. Freshman year in college my major was political science and pre-law. But by the time I graduated I was English, Philosophy and Art History. I interned at a creative education company and a gallery on Newbury Street. I was a waitress and a secretary for an interior designer where I worked on something new called a Mac. Not sure why or how, but all this lead to design.

What is your funniest design habit or obsession? 
Naming fonts on TV, trucks and menus. Can’t help it.

What do you like most about designing? 
Asking good questions that have the client saying, “Wow, I hadn’t thought of that!”

Where did you grow up? 
I’m from a small town in Connecticut called Jewett City where I weeded the garden in the summer and went to Catholic school with nuns.

lily and daisyWhat is your pet’s name? 
Daisy (the schnoodle) aka, Baby Junior, Ginge, James Michael Baby and Champion of the Beach.

Favorite musician, book, tv show and/ or artist?
I love The Killers and Mark Anthony. Unaccustomed Earth by Jumpa Lahiri is one of my favorite books and right now I’m addicted to American Ninja Warrior.