Graphic Design for Tablet Devices — Interesting Statistics

I recently did some research on graphic design for tablets, because I was curious about the market size for magazines, newsletters, reports and other publications optimized for these devices. How many people own tablets? What kinds of tablets? Do people prefer to consume content via mobile devices instead of print or websites?

I found lots of interesting facts answering these questions. I wanted to share them to encourage people to consider using content delivery apps as alternatives to more traditional communication channels (i.e., print newsletters).

  1. LOTS of people own tablets now. In 2014 the Consumers Electronics Association (CEA) estimated that more than 44% of consumers own a tablet device.
  2. Many households even own multiple devices (which explains the 59% + 59%, see below).
    tablet owners
  3. Tablet use has undergone huge growth. According to the latest statistics from Pew Research, tablet use doubled from 2012-2013 for Americans 18 years or older. In May 2010, only 3% of American adults owned a tablet device. Looking ahead, nearly 70% of online consumers expect to purchase tablets sometime in the future.

My conclusions:

  1. Graphic design for tablets is HOT (magazines, newsletters, reports, and more).
  2. If you can only customize for 1 device, customize for the Apple iPad. If you can customize for a second device, customize for the Amazon Kindle.
  3. Information is consumed more and more on tablets so marketing communications will be very effective if moved to these devices.

Different projects you might want to consider for tablets:

  • magazine design
  • infographic design (could be interactive!)
  • presentation design
  • annual report design

We specialize in graphic design for higher ed in Boston, but tablet devices are a great option for delivering content in many industries and regions.