CNCA logo design

The client

Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) is a collaboration of international cities working together to reduce carbon emissions and they needed great logo design.

The project

CNCA asked our design company to give them that great logo design and help them communicate the important work of the group as well as their collaborative spirit.

Design challenge and approach: 

Opus Design of Boston took on the challenge of this logo and created lots and lots of sketches.  Art Director, Ellery Curran said it was a challenge to balance the environmental aspect of this project with the sustainability and global cities that CNCA represents.

Best Logo Design Boston

CNCA and Graphis Award


Many different sketches went into balancing the natural or human with the built city aspect of CNCA.  In the end, she found the right balance using color and composition. The diverse color palette of the logo that leads with blues and green, represents the environment. The feeling of movement in the colors represents a changing environment that the group hopes to achieve. The circle represents the global community while you can imagine a birds-eye view of a city at the same time. Not only did the large team of international clients agree on it and love it, but it also won a design award with Graphis.

They took this logo, along with a report we designed for them, to the Paris Climate Summit.

Design Award with Graphis.