Good clients are partners

By Lily Robles


Working with IXL Center is like working with family, but better.  No offense to family, of course, (see my “Relative Design” blog post about graphic design “favors” for family members), but it has the trust, casual comfort, and professional respect that makes you want to support them, no matter what.

Opus Design has worked with Hitendra Patel and the IXL team since before Opus and IXL were invented…In some ways, we grew up together, learning and working at Monitor Group in Cambridge. Then stretching out and starting our own respective companies. We even “lived together” for a while when IXL was gracious enough to share office space with Opus last year. We have 3 books, dozens of brochures and countless icons to show for our collaboration, and we are very happy and proud of this ongoing professional partnership.

Some of the team came by today for lunch and a fun discussion about trends and new ideas for projects.