Alumni magazine design: Northeastern University, Bouvé College

The project

For the past 3 years Opus has been working with Northeastern University for their alumni magazine design for Vital Signs. Over time we have transformed this publication from a simple trifold to a engaging magazine design with infographics, custom illustration, and lots of interesting articles to update and inform the alumni community.

The client

Northeastern University, Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Design challenge and approach

A alumni magazine design needs lots of engaging visuals to keep the reader interested. We work with photographer Kal Zabarsky to create photos that tell the stories of the feature articles in each issue. Together we identify concepts for the images and the details. With Kal’s talent and experience, each story is brought to life with amazing photography.

Not only photography make this magazine interesting. For each issue we identify content for a custom illustration and infographics. From hand drawn schematics, to infographics that are filled with icons, each story is enriched with an infographic that visualizes the theme and message.

Working together with writers, designers, photographers, printers and decision makers is always an interesting and fun challenge and so exciting when everything comes together in the final piece.

Vital Signs Alumni Magazine 1

NEU infographic Alumni Magazine

Alumni Magazine Infographic

Vital Signs Alumni Magazine 2