Form follows function

For food and beverage packaging, we understand the importance of the packaging — from the individual selling unit to the master case. Packaging for food and beverages must be designed to protect your product, clearly communicate the ingredient information and nutritional facts following regulations, and create a captivating brand visual.

We also work with schools and universities to create unique experiences for their students with keepsake admissions packages and giveaway kits.

Our packaging work

We meet our clients where they are in their packaging journey, from the early stages of structure and material research all the way to production preparation. We work hard to understand the aspirations as well as the constraints for your packaging, and support you in creating something that you will be truly excited about showcasing.

Our packaging services include:

  • Admissions Package Design
  • Consumer Packaging Design
  • Label Design
  • Ecommerce Packaging Design
  • Food & Beverage Packaging Design
  • Giftbox Design
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Promotional Packaging Design
  • Retail Packaging Design
  • Sample Kit Design

Flourish Packaging, branding & website

Flourish packaging
Flourish packaging

Brand Strategy & Naming

We began this journey of logo design for a flour brand by building a strong foundation in brand strategy that would serve as a guide for all future design and development. We conducted extensive competitor research, interviewed several internal team members, studied prospective market segments, and facilitated a series of thought-provoking brainstorming workshops with over ten members of the leadership team. After synthesizing everything we learned we were able to clearly articulate the new brand’s higher purpose, persona, target audiences, and key points of difference. We also wrote a series of messaging platforms that captured the positioning of the brand in the most appropriate voice and tone.

Leaning on our brand strategy discoveries, we were able to identify six different pathways or themes for coming up with a name for this new brand. We shared over 100 possible naming options – roughly twenty names for each theme and eventually selected Flourish. This name came up through the “better-for-you” theme and was very strongly aligned with their higher purpose of empowering wellness and wellbeing. It also had a fun connection to the “flour” product category, it felt very positive and optimistic, it had energy, and it passed the necessary screens for URL and trademark availability.

A strong foundation in brand strategy served as a guide for all design

Logo Design & Brand Book

We presented twelve first round logo options which represented the essence of the brand and the brand name in many different ways. In the end, the final logo was selected because of its clear and important connection to their wheat fields, its warmth and approachability, and its uniqueness. We also designed a comprehensive brand book that summarized all of the different final logo versions and usage guidelines as well as our brand strategy discoveries, the extended color palette, typography, and signature graphic elements.

Logo design for an uncommon cookie

Consistency in branding

Nanci and Terri are true rockers. They are bold and a lot of fun. They are also moms who are deeply caring and compassionate. And, when they bake, they use the best possible, real food ingredients. When you hear either one of them speak about Off Our Rocker, you very quickly understand that their brand embodies all of these traits. While their original logo looked nice, it was not properly reflecting and enforcing the brand. Together we dug deep to discover their brand and we brought it to life through a strategically effective logo.

The guidance and expertise of the Opus team have been invaluable. From the get-go, they embraced our voice and our vision, helping us to create a new logo that reflects our product and who we are as a brand. Thank you to Casey, Levon, and Lily for your creativity, humor, and enthusiasm.

Nanci & Terri