Bluehub Capital Annual Report & Microsite

Hock E. Tan and K. Lisa Yang Center for Autism Research Impact Report

A digital experience

For this annual report, we designed with both the print and digital experiences in mind. The e-publication that lives online includes animated elements throughout to engage readers and bring a more dynamic feel to a traditionally static document. During design, we thought ahead about how headlines might animate on the screen, or how different images and shapes might interplay through motion.

Research infographics

We created several detailed infographics to illustrate and explain the Center’s research approach to understanding autism. The complexity of the concepts were broken down into understandable groups of information supported by visual aids, and laid out in a way that is simple for the user to understand.

Impact report design for a New England foundation

Joe Andruzzi Foundation Annual Report Design
Joe Andruzzi Foundation Annual Report Design

Annual report infographic design

We believe in infographics, and this report really came to life with the addition of a “JAF by the Numbers” spread. Visualizing information in a compelling graphic is a great way to share your story in an approachable and memorable way. The information becomes easier to understand, more scannable, and faster to absorb.

We begin designing data charts by determining the right type of chart to allow the audience to learn and gain insight. Our principle of “form follows function” is particularly important for designing data charts. Style should never get in the way of understanding the data. Style is used in support of clear and clean design, to communicate your brand and emotional attributes.

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Joe Andruzzi Foundation Annual Report Design
Joe Andruzzi Foundation Annual Report Design

McGovern Institute newsletter and infographic design

McGovern Infographic Design
McGovern Infographic Design

Newsletter & Infographic Design

The quarterly print newsletter keeps the McGovern network up to date on exciting research advances. Based on survey results, we identified the topics the audience is most interested in to ensure content is relevant. The articles are also focused around a specific topic for each issue such as “precision” or “sound” to connect the research to real world applications.

For the graphic design, we took the approach of a “mini magazine”. We focused on short articles and teasers with opportunities to find more detailed information online.

The heart of each newsletter is a custom infographic with exciting images, data points, and factoids. The infographic varies in approach, style, and concept for each issue.

If I could summarize working with Opus with one word it would be synergy. From our initial conversation to the hectic pre-launch crush, the Opus team was professional, inventive and always collaborative. I particularly appreciated the project management expertise throughout the project. In summary, Opus delivered a beautiful website (on time and within budget) that we are immensely proud to share with the public.

Julie PryorCommunications Officer, MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Reports & Publications

Designing for both print and digital engagement

Print design plays a critical role in the marketing mix: it creates a tangible experience. As a compliment to digital design, readers hold the piece in their hands, feel the paper, and interact with the pages. We design materials that your audience will remember and want to keep. We take into account the paper quality and selection that works best for each piece, and encourage the use of sustainable materials.

We have extensive print production experience and wonderful print production partners to deliver beautifully designed final products such as reports, magazines, and viewbooks. The right paper selections make a big difference in the look and feel. We identify and help you select cost-effective print materials that align with your brand, support your messaging, and are responsible for the environment.

Diecuts, foil stamps, UV inks, emboss or deboss — we will select the finishing touches that make your piece stand out!

Over the past several years we’ve seen an increase in digital counterparts for print publications. This might take the form of an interactive PDF, e-publication, or a microsite for those audiences who would rather consume information on-screen vs. in-hand.

Publication Design

We work on many different types of publications. Scientists conducting research or consultants sharing data results need to have a clear and approachable report to present their findings. Among our client sectors, we work with non-profits and we love doing annual reports to help organizations stay in touch with their supporters and partners. For schools, the viewbook remains an important, practical, and physical tool for students and families making an admissions decision.

Our report and publication services include:

  • Annual Report Design
  • Book Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Learning Material Design
  • Magazine & Editorial Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Program Book Design
  • Research Report Design
  • Viewbook Design