Facts and figures infographic

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We worked with the Westover School to design this infographic as a companion piece to their viewbook. The front and back covers make use of icons to visualize student-related facts and figures. The inside folds open to an illustrated campus map.

A modular approach

For Westover, taking a modular approach to the admissions pieces is also a sustainable and convenient approach. The viewbook contains primary messaging about culture and values that endure and do not change year over year.

The infographic “facts and figures” piece is a folded, 4-panel piece that contains student information such as places of origin, standardized test score averages, and financial aid percentages. This information is more likely to change over time so we designed it as a companion to the viewbook. With the same size, shape, and paper, the piece matches nicely, and it can be revised without having to reproduce the main book.

The map highlights areas of interest for potential students, families and other visitors. Key buildings such as admissions, dorms and the student center are represented.  While not strictly to scale with the detail of a google-map, the graphic has an approachable, friendly style that makes the campus feel warm and inviting while still working to help visitors find their way. And since the school undertook some major construction and improvements to the campus over the last 2 years, we were able to make revisions to the map and other data very quickly, so that school has a super updated piece.

Working with Westover

We are very proud and happy to work with Westover. They have a very creative team of communication professionals (writers and photographers) and we always feel like a part of that team. We’ve assisted with several projects over the years including admissions materials as well as the alumni magazine.

The Westover School is an all-girls boarding school in Middlebury, Connecticut. The school empowers young women to lead lives of consequence through leadership and innovation.