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Westcoast Fresh website design
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Contemporary & user-focused

WestCoast Fresh is a Boston-based company that markets and distributes produce from farms in California, Texas, and Mexico, to supermarkets across the country. Their online presence was dated, minimal and they were in dire need of a new website design.

The team reached out to us for help in bringing their web design up to contemporary standards and to create an engaging tool to allow vegetable distributors to browse their offering and engage them to take action. Language translation English/Spanish, an easy to use content management system, great user experience, and a responsive design adjusting to mobile devices were key for the site.

Website design and visual storytelling

Photography and infographics were critical in visually telling the right brand story on the website.

Capturing the moment the vegetables are harvested with emotionally captivating photography helped to portray WestCoast Fresh’s focus on fresh and high quality produce. And, an infographic designed to quickly learn about the availability of the produce throughout the year allowed users to understand WestCoast Fresh’s focus.

Westcoast Fresh
Westcoast Fresh

Website Design & Development

For the website redesign, our work started with research around competitors and their websites which informed the UX design and website architecture.

The graphic design built on the look and feel we created for the logo and sub brands — a design that communicated the freshness of the produce, the farmers and their work, as well as a fresh and contemporary feel with lots of delicious color.

The website development included a language translation plugin that allowed us to implement all pages in English as well as Spanish. We built the site using the WordPress CMS which allowed the client team to maintain the website easily on their own.


Photography was key in brining the Westcoast Fresh brand and website design to life. We worked with a photographer who traveled to the farms in Mexico to take images of the farmers during harvest. We wanted to capture the moment the vegetables were harvested to visualize the companies focus on fresh and high quality produce.

Harvest can’t be staged. So, in order to capture the variety of vegetables we had to plan around the logistics of different vegetables being harvested at different times in different locations. Our photographer got to see quite a bit of Mexico chasing the ripest peppers.


As part of the website redesign project, we designed an infographic to visualize the availability of the produce across the year. The graphic allowed distributers to identify quickly which fruits and vegetables they could source from Westcoast Fresh throughout the year. The infographic combined a timeline with colorful icons.

Presentation Design

Presentations are an important communication tool. Our graphic designers created a clean and striking PowerPoint presentation to present the Westcoast Fresh offering to buyers at grocery stores.  The presentation design leveraged the photography we took for the website as well as the infographic.