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MIT EHS research and teaching website design
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Enabling research and teaching to happen in a safe way

Among the myriad of important things that they do, MIT EHS enables research and teaching at the institute to happen in a safe way. They did not want to be seen as a policing-force at the institute. Instead, they are truly more about finding ways to say yes to their internal clients, researchers and lab managers and support experimentation. So we were delighted to take on the challenge of representing their uniqueness.

Practical and Engaging

The website for MIT EHS needed to be very clear and functional. They have a lot of content, including many policies, which can get very cumbersome to navigate for the user. It also had to communicate the innovation and knowledge the group is known for. The website needs to serve as a true resource for anyone interested in training, operating procedures, or who needed to report an issue. But at the same time, it needed to portray the exciting, important role MIT EHS plays in the greater MIT community. This is a fact that can often be overlooked, that MIT EHS is a true research partner for many as well as the originator of exciting innovation.

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MIT EHS website design
MIT EHS website design