U.S. cities use infographics to increase awareness

CNCA infographic design
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International Initiative to Reduce Emissions

We started working with Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) in 2015 with a branding and logo design project, then created the infographic and icon design. It was an amazing opportunity to work with leaders from the United States, Canada, Norway, and other parts of the world who are all dedicating to bringing global cities together to reduce emissions.

Engaging & Approachable Information

CNCA later partnered with us on infographic and icon design to communicate how much citizens are spending on fossil fuels, where it comes from and how those dollars could be better spent on green technologies. The graphics we designed all make use of illustration and iconography to make the visual approachable but still serious and professional. It only takes a minute or two to understand the issue and learn what is relevant. We designed these infographics for Boise, Boulder, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Park City, Salt Lake, San Diego, Somerville (MA), and Washington D.C..


CNCA infographic design
CNCA infographic design

Infographics Design

After designing the logo, CNCA asked us to help them give their member cities a tool they could use to increase public awareness. It would be something each city could share, post on social media, use on their website, or any other way they find need. It needed to be branded with both CNCA and the city’s logo, to show where the information comes from. It needed to be attractive and interesting, but still have weight and a level of seriousness.

In graphic design, when you are preparing to create a series of anything, the first one is the hardest. We needed to set a standard for what these infographics would look like. Casey and Lily worked with CNCA to understand the data and establish a style. We decided that a modern world map graphic would be a good way to show readers where the fuel was coming from. It didn’t have to be detailed, but clearly longer arcs would show it was coming from far away, shorter ones, more local.

Icon Design

Icon design was used to show green alternatives for investing, such as solar, wind, electric vehicles, and in the case of Somerville, extending the T (public transit system) which is something we’ve all looked forward to in Boston.

We’ve really enjoyed working with this data and designing the infographics for cities across the country.

CNCA infographic design
CNCA infographic design