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MIT AeroAstro department logo design
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Logo design for AeroAstro Department at MIT

This logo design needed to visually represent the aero as well as the astro side of the department equally which is achieved with the abstract wing shape that morphs into a rocket. To achieve this goal, many logo concepts were created during this university department logo design project. The final logo was very well received by the MIT AeroAstro faculty and students. For over 10 years now, this logo brands the print and digital materials for the department.

We have worked with the AeroAstro Department at MIT for well over a decade. In fact, the AA department was our very first client at MIT. Over the years, in addition to the university department logo design, we have worked on an annual magazine, strategic reports, event materials, poster design, exhibition design, infographics, and a variety of other design in print and digital. We think AeroAstro is one of the most exciting departments at MIT, read the story of our visit in the wind tunnel.

Live long and prosper little logo

How cool is it to think our logo is actually 24,000 miles in space and will last, hmm, one billion years! Read about how this logo made it into space.

The new MIT AeroAstro logo has met with universal acclaim. In all my time in this biz, I have never introduced a logo that was so enthusiastically accepted.

William T. G. LitantFormer Director of Communications, MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics