Trend report infographic for B2B coffee & tea supplier

coffee consumption infographic
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Designing data for infographics

Finlays is 250+ year old global B2B supplier specializing in coffee, tea, and botanical solutions. As industry experts and thought leaders, they closely monitor and research trends across the beverage landscape and sought to publish a state of the industry trend report infographic for coffee and tea that captured the latest trends and data.

Opus worked with Finlays to optimize their content for infographic translation into clear and concise illustrated data points. We helped to narrow the focus on key information with short descriptions so the reader would understand the story the data was telling quickly and efficiently in a visually appealing way.

Within the report, we designed multiple styles of bar charts, pie charts, and colorful illustrations paired with data points to create a visually diverse, yet cohesive presentation that made the data engaging and easy to understand.

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monoline illustrations
monoline illustrations

Monoline illustrations

For this digital presentation we used a modern monoline illustration style for the infographics and iconography and worked within Finlay’s existing brand color palette to develop over 25 custom illustrations. Monoline illustrations use the same line weight line throughout the entire illustration, either in a single color or multiple colors, to create an easy-to-read design that works well for communicating information quickly and uniformly, such as with an infographic. It’s a highly versatile style that is easily customizable as seen in the selective fills used to add emphasis and color. The final result for Finlays trend report infographic was a 14 page presentation that communicated key data points in a captivating way, and helped Finlays convey their category expertise.