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Robert Jensen Dau Foundation Website Design
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The Robert Jensen Dau Foundation is a non-profit foundation with a purpose to fulfill charitable goals as set forth by its founder Robert Dau and his daughter. The organization primarily supports education, the written word, arts, and the environment. The foundation pays particular attention to Northern Michigan where the founder was born.

Website design

After designing the logo for The Robert Jensen Dau Foundation, we got to work on a website for them. Despite being a small website, the design needed to have a large impact and be warm and welcoming. Leveraging elements from the logo, we created a consistent style throughout the website. The icon set featured on the homepage and the arrows that show up when hovering over a button were created with shapes derived from the logo.

It is important for the foundation to be able to highlight their PEN/DAU prize winners, which they can do through the recent news section on the homepage, and through the prize winners landing page, where a filterable table can be sorted by year, name, and publishing journal.

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Robert Jensen Dau Foundation Website Design
Robert Jensen Dau Foundation Website Design


The website was built using the hosted Webflow CMS, a very easy to use content management system. We love using Webflow for smaller websites with limited functionality because the CMS is stripped down to just the functionality the user needs. For websites with few pages and simple functionality, WordPress can often be overkill. Some of Webflow’s benefits are

  • ease of use for website admins
  • flexibility for 100% custom design
  • no need for maintenance since it is hosted

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