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Sustainability in the State of Maine

Biobased Maine is a mission-driven trade association that promotes Maine’s biomass resources from the forest, farm, and sea. We worked on a new project promoting sustainability with infographics and report design. The piece is called “Plants to Products: Renewable Materials Manufacturing—A Maine Pathway to Prosperity.” It describes the economic and climate benefits of biomass manufacturing in Maine. There is a lot of technical information in the piece so we used a variety of icons, illustrations, and other graphics to make the information easier to understand.

Infographics and Report Design

We worked with the client team to identify key graphics for the report. One was the “Circular Economy” which shows how rethinking the manufacturing process can reduce waste and create a closed loop. Byproducts of the system are reintroduced into the system, instead of becoming waste.

The highlight of the report is a full page infographic called “Plants to Products.” It shows how everything from toys and electronics and household cleaning products can be created by plants! The design includes more than a dozen small illustrations to show how it all works.

This project earned Silver in the Communicator Awards. Congratulations to our designer Heidi and our wonderful client partners Marina and Nika.

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