Program logo series

MIT OEOP program logo series
MITBrandingBrandingLogo DesignIndustryIndustryEducationDesignDesign5 logos were included in this logo seriesProject teamProject teamCasey McGeeArt DirectorJulia FrenkleUX & Creative Director, PartnerLily RoblesCreative Director, Partner3000MIT OEOP has provided science and engineering experiences to over 3,000 middle and high school students

Logo design

The goal for the design of the program logo series for MIT OEOP was to create a cohesive, branded look and feel for all of the logos. The previous logos had all been designed at different times when the different programs started over the years. The original logos were very different from each other, nothing tied them together visually. Their complexity made them hard to use.

MIT Office of Engineering Outreach Programs provides free summer programs for middle and high school students from diverse backgrounds to become future scientists and engineers.

Logo concept

Math is at the core of the concept for the program logo series because math is everywhere in science. We chose one math symbol for each program logo that relates to the philosophy of the course and executed it in a colorful, vibrant, and simple way.

The MITES program is about change, so we chose the delta symbol for this program. The SEED program is represented by the infinity symbol executed in a way that cuts up the symbol into two seed icons. The STEM logo is represented by the sigma symbol which stands for summation, visualizing the collective learning offered in this program.

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