Presentation design and infographics

MIT CSAIL presentation and infographic design
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The presentation design with infographics for MIT CSAIL presents a branded design building on the line drawing style of the logo.

Infographic design

One of the core infographics in the deck, shown above, visualizes the approach and process of the MIT Intelligence Quest: Science & Engineering of Intelligence. 

Icon design

We like to think of custom icons as mini infographics—small visuals that communicate information. Iconography and illustration provide a great way to communicate in a visual way and bring style to a presentation.

Presentation design

Custom presentation design with infographics builds a memorable look and feel and a first impression of high-quality content. In combination with infographics and visual storytelling, presentations become powerful tools in conveying your message and data, persuading to take action, and building awareness.



MIT CSAIL presentation design
MIT CSAIL presentation design