Logo evaluation and design for Environment Health and Safety

MIT EHS logo design
MITBrandingBrandingLogo DesignVisual IdentityIndustryIndustryEducationDurationDuration1 monthDesignDesignTypeface Knockout CruiserweightProject teamProject teamLevon KurkjianBrand Strategy DirectorEllery MooreyCreative DirectorSkadi GidionsenSenior UX & Digital Director15logo options presented

Bringing the Coolness Forward

In addition to designing a new website for MIT Environment Health and Safety, we were also asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s existing logo. It was exciting for our team to work on this logo evaluation and design.

During our initial brand strategy conversations with the MIT EHS team, we learned that they not only protect and enable research at MIT. Rather, they actually additionally do their own research and even have a dedicated lab. They were so much cooler, unique, and impactful than what their existing brand, logo, and website were communicating.

Enabling research and teaching to happen in a safe way

Among the myriad of important things that they do, MIT EHS enables research and teaching at the institute to happen in a safe way. However, they did not want to be seen as just a policing-force at the institute. Instead, they are truly more about finding ways to say “yes” and support experimentation across campus and the full community in Cambridge. We were delighted to take on the challenge of representing their uniqueness during the logo redesign part of the project.

The new logo mark for MIT EHS Environment, Health, and Safety includes circles morphing together to form a connective center. This central point extends from the “T” of MIT to create an abstract torch, which speaks to how they are a base for knowledge. Since ideation, knowledge, and forward thinking are important aspects of who they are, the bright yellow behind the letter “I” serves to communicate this thought leadership.

Along with the logo, we designed a new website for the department. Initially, we started with the website design part of the project, until the team realized that this was the perfect time to look at the logo evaluation and design as well.