Logo design for an emerging beverage brand

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20/20 is an exciting emerging brand that has developed a line of scientifically-backed wellness shots unlike any other. Their mission is to empower people to perform at their best in their everyday lives and to help athletes consistently perform at their peak. To start out, the brand needed a logo design for their beverage brand.

Building from purpose and persona

Since this was a breakthrough concept in an otherwise crowded category, we helped the founder identify and articulate his higher purpose and the persona of the brand he was seeking to create so that his wellness shots could successfully stand out from the pack. This process of pulling back and thoughtful reflection established a strong foundation in brand identify.

Captivating and descriptive logo design

The name 20/20 was inspired by the founder, in part, by the belief that clarity and focus are critical in optimizing our performance in any activity. The added complexity in this logo design was to not only make sure we were best reflecting the true essence of the brand but to also mitigate any unintended association with the calendar year or other pop culture references. This was achieved by creating the droplets in the twos and using blue to help describe beverage and slash to demonstrate energy and performance. And, we did an extensive scan of other public representation of the number to ensure our logo design was unique.

In addition to the branding and logo design, our design team also created the packaging design.

20/20 Wellness Shot Packaging
20/20 Wellness Shot Packaging