illustration for improper mask use

COVID safety infographics for 128 Business Council

Our long-term client 128 Business Council offers transportation solutions in the Boston area ranging from shuttle services to map making and transportation research. We’ve worked with them for many years on print and digital projects, including their current website. Most recently, we were happy to help with a series of safety infographics to educate their ridership on current procedures.

128 Business CouncilInfographicsInfographicsIllustrationDesignDesignWe designed map and shuttle views on an isometric grid to help communicate depth and placement19total illustrations
where to sit on the bus diagram
how to remove gloves illustration
Example of 6-foot distance
where to sit on the bus diagram

Easy to understand with little language

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Boston area hard in the Spring of 2020, 128BC was quick to adapt and provide clear safety guidance to the riders of their shuttles. They came to us to design a series of COVID-19 safety infographics that were simple and easy to understand. As partners with vast infographic experience, we accepted the challenge of designing infographics that were inclusive, user-centered, and intuitive.

While the illustrations would ultimately be accompanied by text on their website, they needed to be easily understood visually without the support of language. The goal was for riders to quickly and confidently understand 128BC bus safety during the pandemic and give peace of mind about procedures put in place for their safety.