Infographic design: a history of architectural technology

Dassault Infographic design
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Marketing Partner Collaboration

We have worked with Tandem Marketing for several years to provide creative services for some of their clients. Shelley Steigerwald, Tandem’s founder, is a super strategist who “gets” the tech content as well as the design, so she’s a wonderful collaborator.  We’re so glad that when she needs infographic design, she comes to us!

Infographic Design

In partnership with Tandem Marketing, we designed an infographic for Dassault that uses the history of architectural technology and design as the backdrop for their innovative 3D experience modeling platform. The vertical graphic pulls in viewers with a fantastic rendering that represents the different streams of building approaches set against the world’s architectural design periods, such as gothic and baroque. Typically a timeline is horizontal, but this infographic design needed to be vertical for easy and responsive display on the web.

Dassault Infographic design
Dassault Infographic design

Designing for Maximum Visual Impact

Shelley wanted this image to have maximum visual impact. To really show the profound difference their products make in modeling and design. It’s not just an improvement in the way things are done but a true shift in the approach that opens endless possibilities. The working theme was the “Dawn of New Design” and that guided our thinking for the infographic. We decided to go back in time to consider how architecture and planning have progressed over history and the major shifts that created big directional changes in approach and scale.

The challenge was to create something that went from simple to complex without being cliche or getting “mushy” in the visual. We needed a super clean approach that would have energy, even as a static graphic. In the end who better to supply a rendering. Our team collaborated with Dassault who provided the funnel/dirvish of ribbons. Casey recolored, organized and stylized the graphic to feel like you’re moving through a timeline and arriving at an incredible moment. Using the styleguide’s color and font direction ensured that the infographic would be branded as uniquely Dassault.

Graphic Design Considerations for the Web

The graphic looks great on a desktop, and when you click on “see full size” –but good graphic design for the web means considering other devices as well. Even though a timeline is typically horizontal, this infographic creates a natural user experience in swiping vertically through the events, with a skinny mobile version that works really well too.

We’ve also created other infographics for Dassault which feature information about virtual design for construction.


Dassault Infographic design
Dassault Infographic design