Impact report design

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Impact Report Design

We were excited to get the call from long-time client and now new content collaborator, Chad Galts, to partner with him on an impact report design for MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program or UROP.

We worked with MIT UROP to create a communication piece that showcases the program and students. We decided to tell the story of UROP through the participants themselves — from first-year to senior — and let four individuals describe who they are, their research interests and how UROP is making it all possible. Chad interviewed the students and we worked with 2 talented photographers to capture great images for the piece.

Always Infographics

While connecting with the students is fun and interesting, we were also challenged by sharing the data. How do we make that ALSO, look fun and interesting? At Opus, we think data and the comparisons or insights you can draw are always cool, but the really fun part is making the information visual. UROP shared a large spreadsheet, and from there we had several conversations. What does the data tell us? Where is there potential for confusion and why?

Working through the data and messaging we decided that we would design two, side-by-side infographics. One would be called “UROP At A Glance” and include the insights from the program data such as faculty participation and female students.  The other would be the Financials, and presented next to the impact data, a reader can see the importance of funding and sustainability. Super vibrant colors and graphic treatments were used to support the hierarchy of information and make the data easy to understand.

The Cover Challenge

Pouring through hundreds of photographs and designing a few options we very excited about the final cover. The photo is taken through a window to a lab, looking at the students in action; working and learning with each other.  From this perspective, you can see that MIT students have access to very special experiences and amazing faculty mentor relationships through UROP.