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Kleinman Center - Energy policy research website
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Research is the focus

One of the energy policy research website redesign goals was to bring the cutting edge research and the many types of publications the center produces to be the focus of the website. Two of the primary audiences of the website design are faculty and researchers as well as policy decision-makers. Both audiences come to the site primarily looking for the research the center conducts. We organized the research in a user-friendly way to allow users to easily browse and filter research projects, publications, news and insights, events, and podcast episodes.

Advanced admin experience

One of the most important user groups for a website redesign is always the website administrators. The easier and more user-friendly the admin experience is, the more up-to-date the website and its content is going to be — and as a result, website visitors will be more engaged.

We implemented many admin features and automation on the site and built a complex data architecture with lots of cross-referencing to save administration time. For example, research area pages are almost completely auto-generated by featuring content that is tagged elsewhere on the site.

The Kleinman Center

The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania creates the conditions for policy innovation that support a just and efficient transition to sustainable energy by conducting research across 10 research areas, providing events, courses, and a variety of other publications.

Branding was a key component of the redesign. While bringing a fresh and contemporary perspective to the visual redesign of the website, we worked within the Kleinman center as well as University of Pennsylvania brand guidelines. As an academic institution website, it was critical to design and develop a website that is accessible. We followed WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines for this website to ensure accessibility compliance.

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Kleinman Center - Energy policy research website
Kleinman Center - Energy policy research website

A creative approach to scope and budget

We took a creative approach to the backend setup and data architecture in order to create the most value with our budget. Like an efficiency puzzle, we enjoy figuring out how to meet your website needs while working within financial and timing constraints. We leveraged custom Gutenberg blocks to avoid additional layouts and shared design components across multiple content types.


Website design projects require constant attention to detail and proactive project management. On top of this, we also made this energy policy research website project a lot of fun! The website team at the Kleinman Center was a wonderful partner. They provided insight into administrative challenges which allowed us to design and build a powerful and successful site. Every meeting was a productive and enjoyable collaboration. As funsponsible leaders, we guided the team through every step of the creative and development process.

Kleinman Center - Energy policy research website
Kleinman Center - Energy policy research website

Smart, intuitive, organized, creative, and able to strike a perfect balance between gorgeous design and usability. This is Opus. I have worked with dozens of web design firms, and Opus stands among the top for its exceptional project management and a can-do customer-focused approach—even when faced with daunting challenges.

Lindsey SamahonCommunications Director, Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania