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Take the experience online

While virtual events, tradeshows, and career fairs are not a new invention, they are becoming very attractive due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They present the opportunity to reach out to more people than an in-person event. They provide metrics to test effectiveness more accurately. They also save money on producing expensive materials and signage, and reduce greenhouse gases because we don’t need to travel to get there. For all these reasons, virtual tradeshows are getting more attention and they are likely to be part of the marketing mix for the long term.

Tradeshow booth design

In some ways, virtual events present a similar experience to traditional events. Visitors “walk” through the exhibit and experience the branding, messaging, and materials that each exhibitor presents. The booth design matters — in the virtual world as well — to stand out from the competition. Striking graphics grab attention, inform visitors, and invite them to take action or learn more.


Event attendees can interact with your collateral digitally. Sell sheets and brochures are accessed as PDFs at your virtual booth, reviewed via screen share during one-on-one conversations, or emailed before and after the event in each attendee’s “goodie bag”.

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