Custom animated icons for CPG brand growth partner

Rodeo Custom Icon Design
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We created these custom animated icons for CPG brand growth partner, Rodeo.  They are a team of experienced food and beverage industry entrepreneurs who specialize in providing practical and actionable help to consumer packaged good brands. They are much more than consultants, they have walked in the shoes of their clients and they work shoulder to shoulder with them to support their success. We have long admired Rodeo’s important work in the food and beverage industry, so it was an exciting privilege for us to help them redesign and elevate their website with our website design services.

Custom animated icons are fun and helpful!

We designed a series of custom animated icons as part of the website design we did for Rodeo. The animation adds a level of interactivity to the user experience. Their Knowledge Share page hosts a variety of media (video, podcasts, blog posts, pdfs), so an icon to distinguish each type made a lot of sense.

Besides being a visually appealing asset to the website design, icons are also very helpful at quickly conveying information. If a user can scan or glance at a page to determine if the content is relevant, they are much more likely to find what they’re looking for. We are big advocates of icons, and custom animated icons like these can really take a website design to the next level.

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