ChemE department website with custom icons

MIT ChemE website with icons
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Website design

The website design with custom icons for the Chemical Engineering department at MIT features a vibrant news feed, research overview and detail pages, faculty search, an engaging community page, and a variety of other page types that make browsing this site and learning about the chemical engineering program fun and exciting.


The newsfeed in this website design with custom icons is very admin friendly. News stories are entered once on the site but tagged with research areas and other categories. The site then pulls the news stories to the appropriate research pages and the homepage automatically. The newsfeed also features the custom research area icons which suggest to the audience to learn more about the research areas. The display of the research areas in the news feed is randomized and keeps the page visually fresh without adding to the website administrator’s time.

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Custom research icons

Our art director Casey had a great time designing the icons to represent the research areas. Designing icons for very specific types of research, have them accurately represent the science, and be distinct from each other is not an easy task. Casey was able to design icons that communicate well and stand together as a cohesive set of research area icons. Casey selected a pop color to go with each icon and research area which created a beautiful palette for the site.

The research area icons were used throughout the website. For example, faculty profiles display the icons of the relevant research areas. The newsfeed also leverages the icons to easily identify which research areas the news items are related to.

MIT ChemE research area icons
MIT ChemE research area icons
MIT ChemE website faculty profile
MIT ChemE website faculty profile