Brochure design for Admissions

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It’s a big decision for students and families when considering an independent school. For an all-girls school like Westover in Middlebury, CT, there is an obvious difference that helps them stand out. The tradition and strength of an all-girls education leads to a confident and connected life. The “Connected” brochure is meant to work with the viewbook we designed for them. It showcases recent graduates and the paths they confidently pursued as a result of their Westover education.

As an admission piece, it helps to answer the question: “What can I do after graduation?” and “What’s the value of Westover for my daughter?”  The women interviewed tell us where they went to college, what they studied, and how they are successful in their own ways. We also learn where alumnae are located. In the last 10 years, Westover grads are in 30 different states in the U.S., and 26 different countries. The infographic design represents the Westover global network as strong and ready to connect women to each other and opportunities in the future.