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Slack Team Icons
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Team icon sets for Slack, Basecamp and other tools

Beyond captivating branding and an engaging website, there are many more ways to create a strong digital presence, both externally and internally. During stay-at-home orders, many teams are working remotely. Therefore, tools that help us communicate with team members are crucial. At Opus, we are using tools like Slack and Basecamp almost every minute of the day. One of the things that makes these tools easy and fun to use, is customizing the team identities. Both tools come with default generic icons. However, when you add a photo or graphic that represents the team member, it’s like getting to see that person every time they post a message.

In Basecamp we started with using photos for everyone. For Slack, one of our designers Kim Le, created adorable icon style illustrations that represent each person on the team. You’ll see these are simple and similar but somehow convey each person uniquely. We’d love to help clients make their slack experience more fun and easier to use, by creating graphics for their teams as well. Please contact us to learn more!

Instagram and Zoom are also tools you can use to create a strong digital presence.

Instagram Story Highlights

Highlighting stories on Instagram is a great way for your followers to be able to come to your page and discover more about your company. The highlights section lives at the top of the page and will be one of the first things your followers see. This makes it the perfect place to feature some of your most interesting and valuable content.

The cover of your highlight becomes important real estate in communicating what each highlight collection is all about. If you are using highlight covers this will create a consistent look and feel throughout your Instagram page, and clearly communicate the topic of each set.

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Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds are fun and easy to implement. If you are working from home out of your kitchen or bedroom, it’s a great way to hide a messy counter or poor lighting. A simple, branded background focuses the audience on you and your company (vs your apartment). If your team is presenting to a client, having a consistent, branded background is clean and professional.

Social Templates

Having a set of templates for your social media posts makes it easy to generate content and keeps a consistent branded look across your feed. You can have a “Quote” template to share inspiring words, or a “Profile” template that features a team member, or a “News” template that keeps your followers updated on your organization. Creating these templates ahead of time supports an organized schedule that creates variety in the feed and also consistency within information types.

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If you are interested in custom Slack icons, Instagram/social media templates, or Zoom backgrounds, please let us help!