Brand strategy for Boston’s leading industrial contractor

Cannistraro higher purpose statement: Empower the life changing impact of mastering a trade.
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Cannistraro is a third-generation family business pioneering excellence in HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection construction and maintenance. Through our brand strategy work with them, we learned that they are dedicated to empowering a knowledgeable and value-driven workforce to continuously elevate the standards of their trades. They also ensure safe and predictable outcomes for their clients by seamlessly integrating planning, fabrication, installation, and service. And, they earn trust by being accountable, doing what they say they are going to do, and consistently delivering high quality craftsmanship.

Developing a strong brand foundation

At an important inflection point in their continued growth and development as a leading industrial contractor, we worked closely with the leadership at Cannistraro to identify and thoughtfully articulate their higher purpose, brand persona, committable core values, unique points of difference, business unit mission statements, brand architecture, and more. We then helped them bring their new brand to life visually through a number of different demonstration projects and prepared their in-house marketing and design teams with tools and training to continue building the brand in the most effective and clearly aligned way possible.

Building from purpose

We believe the most robust, timeless, and effective brand strategy is grounded in a clearly articulated and widely embraced higher purpose; a common cause or shared belief that brings like-minded people together in community in an emotionally compelling way. Cannistraro was deeply committed to a compelling higher purpose through all of their actions but had not yet been able to capture the sentiment in words. Through a series of exercises and workshops, we collaboratively discovered the words they needed to ensure their higher purpose, their north star, would be preserved by all current and future team members.

Focus through mission

A succesful brand strategy must be grounded in purpose and also operational. After establishing an effective brand architecture for their family of brands, we guided the Cannistraro team on a journey to define actionable mission statements for each their four unique brands. We created powerful and memorable single-sentence statements and supported each with expanded context to make them relevant and approachable for all internal team members and external stakeholders. These mission statements help ensure operational alignment and create significant efficiencies in decision making.

Protecting corporate culture

While our brand strategy discoveries in higher purpose, mission, architecture, persona, points of difference, target audience profiles, and more, were all critical in establishing a strong and sustainable foundation, ultimately individual team members working within a well defined corporate culture make it all happen. To honor this reality, we helped Cannistraro articulate a set of committable core values that were critically important to defining their culture and to preserving it going forward. Each value was precisely defined specifically for Cannistraro and several examples of how team members could live those values were documented to make each value even more relatable.

Maintaining your peace of mind. - Cannistraro
Maintaining your peace of mind. - Cannistraro