Brand architecture and logo design for 3G food brand

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As Bertolino Foods continued to grow and expand their 3G (third-generation) family business, they recognized the need to revisit their brand strategy in order to maximize future growth opportunities. They had evolved from a single brand to an umbrella for multiple brands and they expanded their B2B core business to now include a range of B2C offerings. We worked with the team to formalize a brand architecture, discover a foundational brand strategy, and to design a new logo.

Building from brand architecture

After studying the competitive landscape in the premium meat category and carefully mapping Bertolino Foods’ different target audiences, we facilitated a series of brainstorming sessions to identify the brand architecture that would most effectively organize their portfolio of brands. The decision was to embrace a clearly defined hybrid model: House of Brands for their legacy brands, Branded House for their newer consumer-facing brand, and Endorsed Brand for their license and private label partnerships.

Foundation in brand strategy

Once we established Bertolino Foods as a newly established parent company brand, we launched into an exploration of defining that brand. We identified and vetted the most relevant and defendable points of difference, we created detailed profiles of target customers — both b2b and b2c, and, in great detail, we articulated the persona of the brand. These, among many other discoveries, would serve as the foundation for bringing the new brand to life visually and tonally.

Simple and strong logo design

Through our brand strategy exploration, we discovered that the Bertolino Foods brand was strong, bold, and authentic and not complex or corporate. With this direction along with many other valuable competitor and brand strategy insights, including their “approachable premium” market positioning, we presented 12 options for logos that effectively represented the brand through a range of different approaches. After we facilitated a rigorous evaluation process, the logo design that the Bertolino Foods team felt worked best rose to the top. The new logo, among many other applications, is now powerfully displayed on the new website we designed for them.

Bertolino Foods recipe page
Bertolino Foods recipe page