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Smith Family Foundation Website
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Improving the quality of life in Greater Boston

Smith Family Foundation decided that after their logo redesign and branding work, their website needed an overhaul as well. Being a private foundation with the wonderful mission of effecting permanent positive change in the lives of individuals and families, the team wanted a polished, contemporary, and accessible look, taking advantage of their bright new brand palette.

We started the website design by investigating and setting the foundation’s goals for the website, as well as their various audience needs. In addition to wanting an easy admin, they needed a place to elevate their stories of impact and highlight their giving areas.

Highlighting their giving areas

The foundation focuses on giving to a wide variety of communities and causes including Health, Medical Research, Education, Community Giving, and the Jewish Community. On the homepage for this foundation website, we felt it was important to display each area and differentiate them by highlighting each in their own individual color. We added some subtle animation – as you can see if you hover over the tiles for each giving area – to entice the user to click and learn more.

For the giving area detail pages, we designed and built the pages to have as much flexibility as possible in order to enhance the ease of reading for the user and add visual interest. We created elements such as a title paired with a full-width image element. This flexible element helped them to create readable sections with clear hierarchy within the pages.

Take a look at the site

Smith Family Foundation Website Design
Smith Family Foundation Website Design

Custom grants database integration for a foundation website

One of the website wishlist items was to create a painlessly maintainable grants list, that can be updated as needed either manually or via uploading of a file which they easily export from their grants database. For the site user, we added clear filters as well as a keyword search function, to allow everyone to browse effortlessly and narrow down their searches to a targeted subset of grants.