• One Summit Website

    One Summit is a nonprofit working with childhood cancer patients to build courage, self-confidence, and resilience through experiential learning and mentorship with a U.S. Navy SEAL. The responsive website using the Wordpress CMS provides information to potential program participants and their families, tells patient stories, and facilitates donations via a shopping cart with custom icon design.

  • EdVestors Website

    EdVestors’ mission is to increase the number of schools in Boston delivering dramatically improved educational outcomes for all students. HOW they do it is the question that is answered in a custom graphic designed to help people understand what they do. This infographic is featured on the website homepage. Other pages include bright photos of the students that give the site energy.

  • Westcoast Fresh Website Design

    The new Westcoast Fresh website features beautiful custom photography taken at the farms to show the company’s farm to market philosophy. Opus designed the site to feature the vibrant fruits and vegetables in the field, handpicked by workers, and then packaged in the the new boxes and bags that we also design for WCF.

  • Women in Development Website

    Rebranding and responsive website redesign in Wordpress for the Women in Development of Greater Boston, a volunteer-run nonprofit promoting and supporting the advancement of women in the development profession. Features include: automatic member management, detailed reporting, online payments, membership renewal and reminders, and many more.

  • Radio Open Source Website Design

    Working closely with the client team, the designers created a really engaging, fun interface that allows the website visitors to read information easily, listen to audio, post comments and interact in many other ways. The responsive website design allows for easy access on mobile devices. Special focus for the information design were the homepage & the show page.