• MassArt Seeing the Elephant Catalog Design

    Catalog design for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design for the Exhibition Seeing the Elephant featuring international contemporary artists whose work explores a wide range of topics facing India today. The bright Pantone colors used throughout the catalog are inspired by the work of the featured artists.

  • MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research

    The accessible website for the McGovern Insitute features researchers and their discoveries, research news, and general institute information. The site offers information for lay audiences with interactive infographics as well as innovative video researcher profiles. It is easy to maintain, using the CMS to cross-populate information throughout the site, including a monthly newsletter.

  • MIT Biology Website Design

    Responsive website featuring automatically updated PubMed links on faculty profiles, videos, news feed, dedicated landing pages for undergrads, grads, postdocs, and outreach, external and internal calendar, password protected pages for internal audiences, custom icon design for the research areas, and many other features.

  • Massart Catalog Design

    Catalog design for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design for the Exhibition Encircling the World featuring international artists whose work is rooted in scientific inquiry. The cover of the catalog overlays an intricate die cut over a key piece of the show.

  • Tufts University Friedman School Admissions

    The Tufts Friedman School admissions piece needed to be lightweight, easy to update, and target those who love the science of food. The cover showcases a clear foil stamp molecule pattern over a macro photo of broccoli. The cutout tab reveals a pocket for easy to print updates and other inserts, and the inside of the booklet showcases an infographic describing the diverse field of nutrition.

  • EdVestors Website

    EdVestors’ mission is to increase the number of schools in Boston delivering dramatically improved educational outcomes for all students. HOW they do it is the question that is answered in a custom graphic designed to help people understand what they do. This infographic is featured on the website homepage. Other pages include bright photos of the students that give the site energy.

  • German International School Rebranding and Logo Redesign

    As part of an overall rebranding effort, Opus redesigned the logo of the German International School Boston (GISB). With the refresh to have a more contemporary look and appeal to families with younger children, functional aspects of the logo were also considered. The rebranding project included strategic considerations, as well as a variety of other design executions.

  • MIT Alumni Engagement Poster

    Opus created a direct mail poster with an infographic summarizing the annual engagement data. Graphic illustration, data charts and typography were key aspects in bringing the content to life and make it easy to read and retain. A PowerPoint template to compile and share quarterly data was also part of the project.