A model graphic is a type of infographic. It depicts a viewpoint, process, mission, or other type of lens on a specific topic. Model graphics are super helpful tools to visualize in one graphic the process on how an organization works, the mission of a nonprofit organization, or the concept of a theory.

Examples of infographics and model graphics

Hale Reservation

Hale Reservation is a nonprofit organization that offers educational and recreational opportunities to Boston’s youth that develop self-confidence, inspire a passion for learning, and encourage an appreciation for the natural environment. Our design agency developed an infographic for Hale that visualizes their audience, officering and value in one attractive, simple model graphic with custom illustration and icons. Looking at this infographic it is immediately clear what the organization provides, how they do it and who they work with. A model graphic is just one type of lens, many different viewpoints can be expressed with model graphics. For example, a model graphic could be created for Hale’s methodology on how they achieve their goals, or an infographic on the different types of programs they provide. It depends on the purpose of the graphic what you visualize in an infographic.



Onboarding Infographic 

Our design company created a an onboarding model graphic for a large office supply company. The graphic visualizes the core information new employees need to learn, as well as specific information for different types of employment. Custom icons, and time labels make it clear immediately which information applies, and how long the onboarding education will take. The infographic provides a helpful snapshot of the onboarding process.