clintonAt last night’s awards dinner President Clinton announced the winning team of this year’s HULT prize award. The 2014 challenge was on healthcare, solving non-communicable disease in the urban slum. 6 finalists presented their innovative business ideas to compete for the 1 million dollar prize to fund their mission. Read more about the challenge.

You might have read in our recent blog post that Opus coached the 6 finalists on their presentation design. We taught them about basic graphic design principles to improve their presentation design, brochure design, websites, logos, infographics, and other marketing materials.

As a coach of the finalists, I was invited to this spectacular event and it was amazing to see how the presentations had improved since the coaching session a few weeks ago.

The presentations were well prepared, rehearsed and the visuals supported the content beautifully. The teams used the advice on information hierarchy, infographics, color, and typography. I was very excited to see the improvements that the students implemented. And they made the changes on their own which means they understand the graphic design principles and will be able to use them for presentation design and other materials throughout their exciting careers as social entrepreneurs.

I’m so glad I was not a judge, because I wouldn’t have been able to pick a winner. All 6 teams had innovative ideas that all would be possible to implement and would help many people.

ixlSo who won? The team that received the check from President Clinton was NanoHealth. NanoHealth specialises in chronic disease management providing holistic services at most affordable price to slum-dwellers at their doorstep. NanoHealth team is convinced that intervention at any one point in the disease value chain is not enough to have a meaningful impact in the life of patients and their families. NanoHealth aims to solve the problem of under-diagnosis, poor treatment and compliance by creating a network of health workers (called “Saathi” meaning “a friend”) and equipping them with “Dox-in-Box”, a diagnostic tool which can take vitals and risk-profile the patients for diabetes and hypertension. Saathi with the Dox-in-Box also provides monitoring services after a doctor within the NanoHealth network confirms the disease in a patient. By adding Doctors & Pharmacies to its network, NanoHealth becomes a one-step shop for all services related to Chronic Disease Management.

Read more about the teams at

Congratulations to NanoHealth! And keep up the great presentation design.

winning team