Whitney: good alternative for HelveticaEveryone who has worked with web fonts has at some point wondered whether there is a good alternative for Helvetica. We may have found just the one.

Whitney is the new Helvetica! The font Whitney is so clean (but with style) and so versatile with it’s million different weights that I love using it for almost anything. There are not many fonts that you can dress up and down to work for a financial report as well as a wedding invitation.

Whitney condensed in thinner weights work great for text heavy information graphics. Whitney lower case in large font sizes works nicely combined with all caps letters for headlines. With this font you can do anything!

Economy: Whitney was designed to work in crowded environments, so its shapes are especially space-efficient in text sizes.

Clarity: Whitney’s forms were shaped with both distance reading and material fabrication in mind.

Numerics: For tables and charts, each of Whitney’s styles offers a companion “Numeric” range that contains tabular figures and fractions.

The Typeface is designed by foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones. This foundry has designed many other amazing fonts like Gotham and Archer.