After transferring colleges twice and taking a little time off in between, I can now officially say that I am a full-time Graphic Designer – phew, it took a while!

I started as an intern with Opus Design back in the summer of 2010 when I had finally settled in Boston to complete my degree at MassArt. Working 10 hours a week with Julia and Lily, I was ecstatic as the internship extended and I was able to gain work experience while studying the formalities of design at school. Although I certainly credit RIT and Parsons for a technical foundation, working on real-world client projects (with deadlines, constraints and best-practices in mind) drastically increased my skills over the next two years.

Three office moves and 20+ frozen yogurt breaks later (thanks Chill!), I am comfortably a part of the Opus team. I can’t stress enough how beneficial an internship during school can be. Certainly, juggling an internship with the MassArt GD curriculum was intense, but well worth it! Thank you Julia & Lily and an official hello to our clients!