Eduporium offers educationally discounted software and hardware for K-12 students and their families. The goal was to create an approachable design that is fun for students while being a trustworthy resource for parents and educators.

Institute for Medical Engineering & Science (IMES)

IMES, a new department at MIT, creates a unique offering through the convergence of medicine, engineering and science. The venn diagram in the logo becomes a symbol for this collaboration.

Bluefield Research Logo

Logo design for Bluefield Research, a Boston-based firm providing water strategy insight and research services.


The Educhora logo was inspired by a special friend of founder Dr. Chris Choi. Her culture and language learning program promotes curiosity, comfort and achievement.


President Adele Houghton challenged Opus Design with designing a visual to represent her company: "Bio" from the Greek for life and "situ" from the Latin for place or location.

MIT AeroAstro

From Comm. Director, Bill Litant: "The new AeroAstro logo has met with universal acclaim. In all my time in this biz, I have never introduced a logo that was so enthusiastically accepted."

Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction

PARTNER is a leading aviation research organization sponsored by the FAA, NASA, Transport Canada, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

X10 Logo

The X10 machine, by Halley Orthopedics, helps patients regain knee mobility with neuromuscular re-education.

MIT Giant Leaps Symposium

Opus Design created the logo and visual identity for the Giant Leaps Symposium — a celebration at MIT for the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing. Part of the project was creating the name, logo, save-the-date, invitation, and the symposium brochure.


Opus Design worked with Chief Troublemaker and Chairman of play140, Shawn Broderick,to create a logo for his new game company centered around social games with words. The cursor or I-beam at the end of the name suggests that play140 will respond to input from the user.


A lodestar is a guiding star used as a reference point in navigation. Lodestar International (strategy consultants) wanted a logo that expresses how they collaborate with clients to facilitate and develop integrated approaches to economic development.