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Our two-semester graphic design apprenticeship program, accredited by Mass Mentoring, prepares you for a promising career in graphic design. This is not an internship doing file management or administrative tasks. It is a true apprenticeship, where you make valuable contributions and art directors take a personal interest in your career path and development. This program is effective because it spans two semesters—time enough to explore, participate, make mistakes, and learn!

During the apprenticeship you will:

  • work on interactive and print projects including logos, brochures, books, invitations, presentations, websites, icons, and infographics
  • learn about print production, go on a press check, and work with print vendors
  • learn how to work with clients

Apply by April 1. Qualified candidates are invited to interviews in our graphic design studio in April and the student chosen for the apprenticeship is notified in May. The work starts September 1 and spans both semesters of your senior year. You must be able to commit 10 hours/week and we offer $10/hour.

Questions? Please contact us!


Application deadline is April 1. You must be a rising senior in a graphic design program.

Email the following materials to info@opusdesign.us:

Candidates will be invited to interviews in April and the apprenticeship will be awarded to the winning student in May.


The student is permitted to use the work developed during the apprenticeship for portfolio purposes with permission from a supervisor. The student should indicate the role he/she played in the development of the project.

The apprentice and Opus Design commit to 2 semesters of the apprenticeship program. However, either party can terminate the agreement within 2 weeks written notice.

The apprenticeship pays $10/hour and payments are made once per month. The student is responsible to work with his/her school to receive credit for the internship.


What the apprentices say:

“During the apprenticeship at Opus I was able to feel like I was just as much of an integral part to their team as they were to furthering my knowledge, skills and understanding of how things work in a design studio. By offering it for a year rather than for just one semester I was able to immerse myself more fully into the environment and work flow of the studio. It was truly a valuable experience that benefitted both my time as a student and who I am as a designer today.”

Casey McGee, Apprentice 2013/14

“The year-long Opus apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to learn how a small design studio operates day-to-day, and to gain hands-on experience with the professional practice of both print and digital graphic design. Julia and Lily work closely with apprentices to provide invaluable guidance on design and technical skills. And since Opus was founded by a MassArt grad, it’s heartening to see evidence of the program’s effectiveness and its robust network in the Boston design community.”

Jared Fancy, Apprentice 2012/13

“Interning at Opus has pushed me to develop my own skills and critical thinking as a designer. My art directors are enthusiastic about allowing me to explore design solutions on my own. Hand lettering is a special focus of mine and I was able to incorporate this skill into pieces for clients during this internship and use these peices in my portfolio. You will not find opportunities like these often at other internships.”

Jenna Carando, Apprentice 2012/13

“The apprenticeship was the perfect complement to my education at Massart. It was amazing to see a graphic design studio in action and be a part of it. In the end I had a variety of projects to add to my portfolio, even a credited illustration for a book cover.”

Ellery Curran, Apprentice 2010/11